1. God loves all people and desires them to know Him.
2. Sin separates each and every person from God.
3. God provides only one way for us to return to Him.
4. Those who confess God's way are delivered to heaven from hell.

Contact us if you would like more information about how the sacrificial death of Jesus provides forgiveness of sins, how His resurrection assures us of everlasting life, and how our confession of faith transports us from the flames of hell to the glory of heaven.

Who we are:  We are a riders club that participates in monthly organized rides. Our leaders are Christians, but one does not need to be a Christian to ride with our organization. It is our desire that, as we ride together, you will grow to enjoy our fellowship as we grow to enjoy yours.

What we do:
  We raise money for worthwhile charities by promoting and participating in monthly organized rides. All proceeds above expenses go to the designated cause. If you know of a charity or hardship case needing assistance, please contact us with your suggestions.

Where we ride:
  Our rides go through the countryside of northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. They are designed as leisurely rides (longer rides broken into approximate 1 hour segments) with fun breaks/destinations. Our routes will always be posted online for others to enjoy the routes as well (while the ride is fun by itself, we believe the ride together is the real appeal).

When we ride:
  We plan a monthly ride (April through November) on Sunday afternoons following informal meals together during registration.  While we are dedicated to riding rain or shine, rides may be cancelled if the group leader determines it is unsafe to ride. We may also plan overnight trips from time to time.

Why we ride:
You might as well ask Chuck Swindoll, Bill Hiebels, and Franklin Graham why they ride.  If you have to ask, you probably wouldn't understand the thrill of wind rushing past you as you cruize down tree-lined country roads enjoying the freedom only open, unfettered travel has to offer.  Some people like horses, some people like convertibles, we like the advantages of both!

If you wish to ride with us, following the guidelines established by our group, we invite you to enjoy the great outdoors with us as we get to know, respect, and enjoy one another.