Here is just a partial listing of some issues you might want to address in our Celebrate Recovery group:

Alcohol and Drugs --
Many people use/abuse chemical substances to alleviate/control unwanted emotions. Such attempts frequently lead to problems in other areas of life.

Anger Management --
Anger is a poor substitute for fear and pain.  The occasional, cyclical or continual emotional turmoil that may lead to harming others (including all instances of domestic violence) can be addressed in healthier, more appropriate and non-threatening ways.

Anxiety & Depression --
Many Christians pile on guilt to the already overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression. Christian faith and fellowship can assist us in living a more normal life.

Caregivers --
Living with and/or supporting disabled & dependent loved ones create life-altering pressures that few understand. Having someone to share our burdens with frequently helps us face another day.

Codependency --
Being in a relationship with an addicted loved one fosters unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors. Focusing on getting "them" help frequently conceals how much we, ourselves, need help.

Divorce --
The death of a marriage produces thoughts and behaviors that must be addressed for a return to healthy, normal living.

Eating Disorders --
Continual (or even occasional overeating), anorexia, bulimia, and other patterns of using food to address one's struggles and pains never fully addresses that for which we long. 

Employment & Financial Disaster --
We need the support of others in pursuing financial well-being and gainful employment through God-honoring ways.

Grief --
Loss of a loved ones frequently changes our outlook on life and robs us of all joy. Recovering joy and connectedness is essential to be fully alive.

Man Up --
Being a man in today's world can be confusing.  Many traditional male traits are considered antisocial and "treatable."  On the other side, many sins are now confused with what it means to be a man.  This group is for men wanting to be godly men in a society hostile to both godliness and manliness.

Marriage Restoration --
Few marriages achieve "best friends & lovers" status.  Sacrificing either aspect for peaceful coexistence builds resentment & despair that prevents the complete union that is God's design.

Porn/Romance Novel/Sexual Addiction --
Sexual fantasy promises excitement and fulfillment but delivers isolation and hightened longing for true relationship

Sexual/Physical Abuse --
Being mistreated by others teaches us unhealthy attitudes toward ourselves (and life in general)

Singleness Support --
Singleness can be a gift of God or a sign of difficulty in connecting with others. Those who have the gift still frequently struggle with loneliness and those without the gift never feel complete.

Toxic Faith --
God's grace releases us from shame, guilt, and performance based ideas of life. Unhealthy devotion to popular teachers, ideas, and cult-like groups frequently isolates us from true Christian fellowship and the freedom we were designed to have in Christ.

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Very few people live perfect lives. The rest of us need to recover the best life possible. Someone once said there are millions of ways to do something wrong and often only one way to do them right. When some try one wrong solution after another and others try the wrong solution over and over again, we choose to Celebrate Recovery, a group of Christians looking for godly help with their hurts, habits, and hangups.

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